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Cedar Creek Swim & Racquet Club

A Private Members-Only Neighborhood Association Offering Team and Social Activities in a Friendly Swim & Tennis Atmosphere


Answers and Questions

Tennis Teams and Programs

Pool Hours and Policies

Answers and Questions

  1. Who do I contact if I can't find my question?

    Contact someone on the Board.

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Membership Types and Dues

  1. What does membership include?

    A normal equity or guest membership applies to one family for one calendar year from January 1st to December 31st. A paid familiy member is entitled to access Club facilites during normal Club hours, and is welcome to join any activities, teams or committees as (s)he desires.

  2. How much does membership cost?

    Membership prices for 2017:

    New Equity members pay $750 for year one;

    Returning Equity members pay $450 per year;

    Guest members pay $475 per year every year.

    *** Membership discounts may be offered at the discretion of the Board.

  3. What happens if I (equity member) stop paying dues?

    Your equity is "absorbed" at the penalty rate of $1.00 / day until gone. The penalty begins March 1st. Joining the Club again requires a new $750 equity payment.

  4. What types of memberships are offered?

    Two kinds of memberships are offered - Equity and Guest.

    An Equity membership is the only type available to households in the Cedar Creek and Cedar Creek Crossings subdivisions. This membership requires an initial Equity payment (reimbursable upon sale & transfer of residence) plus ongoing annual maintenance payments.

    A Guest membership is the only type available to anyone not qualified to be an Equity member. This involves an annual guest membership payment.

    There are currently no swim-only or tennis-only or social-only memberships.There are currently no senior-citizen or student-level memberships.

    Note that ALL Board Members pay dues according to the same rules as all members. The Board is responsible for setting membership policies and prices.

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Social Events and Planning

  1. Who do I contact if I have a new idea?

    Contact either one of the social chairpersons.

  2. Can social activities be shared with the local Cedar Creek neighborhood?

    The Club's social activies are supplied and paid for with Club money. Hence it would be inappropriate to have non-paying individuals consuming Club resources. Exceptions are made for various situations as per the Board of Directors.

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Tennis Teams and Programs

  1. How old are the tennis courts and how often are they resurfaced?

    They were built in 1978. They are resurfaced every 6 to 8 years depending on wear and tear as per the Board of Directors.

    The tennis courts were last resurfaced in August 2009. Andy Vagasi managed this process.

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Pool Hours and Policies

  1. What are the pool hours?

    We use 3 different schedule blocks:

    1. From pool opening (late May) through July 4th while swim team is active;

    2. From July 4th through 1st day of school (early August);

    3. From 1st day of school through pool closing (late September)

    Actual hours are posted at the pool.

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